Top 5 Footwear for Women- Latest Design Offers for Monsoon

Who doesn't like rain? - There are so many reasons to fall in love with the season. It could be the sound of the water droplets falling on the roof or a heavy downpour washing dead leaves away. Monsoon is romantic for both humans and nature. On the one hand, it's a getaway for the love birds, and secondly, it's the time when nature is at its full glory. Whether you are a pluviophile or not, you can't avoid getting wet heading outdoors. Monsoon is one of the most provoking times to put your best self forward. You have to be very cautious while dressing up for this season. 

When we talk about monsoon dresses, outfits, and fashion, footwear is probably one of the main areas to focus on. We all have lost good pairs of footwear in this wet and muddy weather. You can't wear those go-to trendy white sneakers or expensive leather shoes. It's crucial to look for shoes which tackle all the cons of the weather, so we can enjoy the beauty of the rain. But before you start adding monsoon shoes to your list, remember these key pointers mentioned below. 

Pointers to remember for selecting Shoes for Rain  

  1. Avoid heels: We know how good heels go with a stylish outfit, but trust us wearing heels on slippery roads is not a favorable choice. The monsoon is home to mud and mosses, and you certainly don't want to get caught. Heels can hurt you and make a mess of your outfit.  
  2. Don't wear socks: We know how comfortable socks are while wearing your favorite shoes. But socks take a long time to dry up, and wet socks can get you cold. Avoid choosing leather boots, sneakers, and sports shoes for monsoon. 
  3. Look into shoe material: A shoe is made of materials of different nature. You should choose one favorable for the wet season. Generally, a shoe is made of a surface and sole material. Look for comfortable and waterproof material. Slip onto slides and flip-flops made of PU material on rainy days. 
  4. Shoe structure: Everyone wants to blend with the trend by wearing branded casual shoes at parties. We understand good-looking shoes help build an attractive attire, but rain can ruin everything. Look for a shoe that has a flexible structure and seamless design. A shoe with a better grip and comfort can make gloomy rain glow. 
  5. Wear shoes that dry fast: Heavy downpour means wet shoes. Wet footwear is home to various diseases, such as: 
  • Bacterial Infection 
  • Give birth to fungus 
  • Leads to cold 
  • Skin problems 

which lead to smelly odor, foot discomfort, acne, etc. Dry your shoes when you head inside the house and opt for footwear that dry faster. 

 5 Footwear to grab for Monsoon

As you have come across the dos and don'ts, we have listed down the top monsoon footwear to help you go through the gloomy days of rain without compromising your style: 

Comfy Flip-Flop slippers- A pair of flip-flop slippers are one of the most comfortable and easy-go-to footwear. It's suitable for both men and women. The open slip-on design can help to move in and out freely and quickly in wet weather. You don't need to worry about the footwear getting damaged. The surface and sole materials are made of rubber and EVA, a waterproof plastic perfectly suited for hitting the wet outdoors. 

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  • You can match up the flip-flops with casual tops and shorts to blend with the monsoon vibe.  
  • You can also slip on a printed flip-flop with a colorful umbrella to explore the flooded streets.

Trendy Slides-The slides are popular and are in fashion these days. If you want to try a slipper with a more stylish design, grab a pair of slides. The slippers are available in attractive colors and comfortable soles. The thermoplastic polymer material called PU made slide waterproof. The footwear is perfect for attending rainy occasions and hopping into those water pools made of rain.

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  • Pair a solid color slide with track and tights for a sporty look. 
  • Add a pair of quirky slide slippers with denim to create a flexible outfit for rainy days.

Stylish Wedges- For heel lovers, monsoon is a nightmare. A heel is not ideal in streets filled with water, mud, and mosses. Wedges are the best alternative to leather heels in monsoon. The shoe could be made of different materials, like leather, synthetic leather, PU, suede leather, etc. When you look online for wedge-heel sandals, remember to check the description. Go for it if it's made of PU or synthetic resin sheet for a water-friendly experience.

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  • You can wear wedges with your beautiful ethnic wear for a festive look.  
  • Pair it up with your high-waist jeans and a good blazer for rainy office days. 

Crafty Sandals- The all-rounder footwear for monsoon are sandals. Rainy days are unpredictable, and with changing weather from drizzle to downpours, we have fluctuations in mood. Sandals are perfect for such mood-swinging days. We can pair it up with the most formal, semi-formal, and casual outfits. Its beautiful edges are crafted with EVA and TPR. The EU rubber sole provides a good grip and durability while crossing muddy and wet areas.  

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  • You can add a pair of comfy sandals to a wedding outfit in the drizzling surroundings.
  • Wear plain sandals with a one-piece or short skirt and crop-top to outshine in overcast weather.  

Monsoon Friendly Flats- There's a vast number of shoes under the flats category. You can't wear all flats in wet conditions. The rain-friendly nature of a flat shoe depends on the materials used for its production. The T-strap and Open toe flats are good to go with the ambiance of the monsoon. They look different but are made of similar types of waterproof fiber. The Fabric coated material gives an astonishing yet durable touch.  

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  • Take a pair of white T-strap flats and pair them with a fashionable dungaree for a nostalgic look. 
  • You can also try an open-toe flat and mix it up with all sorts of attire. 

Let's welcome the rainy days by filling your wardrobe with the monsoon-friendly footwear mentioned above. Don't let the downpour dampen your everyday lifestyle. Grab a pair of women's sports flip-flops and enjoy the petrichor emanating from the rain.  

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